Don’t take our word on it, take our clients’ word!

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our services:


“I have suffered from depression for nearly 20 years.  It recently became very strong.  I was having a difficult time functioning on a day to day basis.  I was unable to go to work, and do the things that I enjoy and love.  I joined a powerful class called Pathway to Wellness and during our evening class I was given a Tao healing from a Master teacher and Healer. 

After the healing, I felt like a huge weight was removed off of my chest, and I could breath easier.  I felt joy for the first time in weeks.  It has been two weeks since the healing, and I am now happy to say I am back to work part time, and I have the energy to meditate and write again!  I highly encourage anyone who suffers from depression to experience the power of Tao Healing. Tao Healing gives me hope for my future.   Thank you so much! “

Breean W.  Wyoming

“My grandson has been crying and clearly in pain, off and on for 2 or 3 weeks, hungry and not wanting to eat, exhausted and not able to sleep, so much pain. We have tried many things, especially restricting Mom’s diet and chiropractic adjustment.  Nothing helped for longer than an hour or so. Mom was getting worn out, too.

Master Paul did a soul reading to see what the core issue was, and then the appropriate solution. He offered the treasures suggested in the soul reading. The next day, baby Maverick was his normal happy self…just a little fussing when he was communicating “I’m hungry” or “Please change my diaper”. Mom feels relaxed and a completely change woman. I know how that feels to feel helpless; it’s scary and enervating. We do not have to feel like this because Master Sha has created the Tao Golden Light Balls and Tao Golden Liquid Spring. They are magic.”

Elizabeth R.     New Mexico

“Today I offered a Tao Hands blessing to a person’s trained animal companion that has a long-standing skin condition.  The dog wears a large cone around its neck to prevent biting at the rash, but is irritated much of the time. 

Within a few minutes after the Tao Hands blessing started the person told me that the service animal was lying in a very relaxed condition. her owner said that she has never seen her service animal so relaxed. I am very grateful to be able to be a channel for these Tao Hands blessings”

Terry M.   Oregon

“I am so grateful to you, heaven, and Master Sha for the amazing blessing of the Message Center treasure.  I have struggled with depression for nearly 20 years. .  Getting on a call is the last thing I wanted to do that day.  Heaven helped me to persist and I dialed in.  I was bowing down in my heart when I received the blessing.

  My body shook and the tears just came flooding out.  For days, I was feeling like I was carrying a thousand pound weight on my chest. When you gave the transmission of light.   I felt my message center expand and the weight lifted.  I felt a small amount of joy and for the first time in days I could feel the light again. Smiling seemed possible again.  It really helped me so much.  I offer up this testimonial to you and to heaven.  Please feel free to use it as you wish.


Julie L.  Oregon

The teachings and practices in the Global Wellness Program were all new to me, which I enjoyed a lot. The personal consultations were amazing, and the Tao transmissions helped me to transform my life beyond words. My energy levels are high and I am more focused on serving people. This program has been like my rebirth; it showed me my purpose of life.

Ashutosh V.    


In the past year I experienced financial and relationship challenges and intense emotions such as anxiety, depression and fear. My self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low and I was close to burnout, resulting in me taking sleeping medication for a couple of months.

After the Global Wellness ProgramI am off sleep medication, my emotions are much more stable, and my relationship with my parents continues to improve. This helped me rebuild my self-esteem and confidence. This program is truly priceless.
Eric C.

I’m very happy I attended the Global Wellness Program! I was suffering from painful swollen ankles for 2-3 years and saw the Doctor multiple times. They ran many tests for my heart, arteries, and vein function. I had ultrasounds, blood tests and a stress test and everything came back normal.

In the consult with a Master Teacher, I learned that my chi channel was blocked. I received a Tao Treasure (transmission) for my Chi Channel and right away the swelling went from 100 percent to 70%. With practice, the swelling has almost completely disappeared!
Lydia M.

The Global Wellness Program was the BEST gift I could have given myself! The daily practices helped me to unlock a whole new depth and potency to my inner healing abilities. I moved from a theoretical understanding of healing to having a powerful, embodied experience of transformation. I feel more open, centered, clear and vibrant than ever! I can’t wait to enroll again!
Lisa C..

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Testimonials

I had ADHD as a kid and still have the adult version including PTSD, anxiety, fear and inability to focus. These inhibited me from having any sense of peace of mind. Today I have no remnants of ADHD, my mind is calm and focused. I’m completing all my tasks. I’m not in a fog. I’m not overwhelmed nor overthinking anymore.  I’m joyful and happy. I can clearly see the next steps and how to solve problems easily. I’m no longer impulsive in my actions. I don’t judge myself or others as often. I am transformed by this session and the light ball transmissions.
Thank you it’s a life saver.     Jenn D    N.Y. USA

I just wanted to share because I am so excited!! As I  told you all in the conference,  I  was in a coma and have sleep issues. I have been turning on the light ball treasure I was given for my brain every night since I got it on Saturday. I  got some real sleep last night!!! Fell asleep around midnight and woke up 2x briefly then up at 830am. I haven’t slept thru the night in at least 6 months and when I  do its because I have been up for 36-48 hours straight! I feel so great this morning! So thankful!! So grateful!! Thank you, thank you! 

D.M.   Washington

I am so grateful to be in the wellness program with you.  I have several health challenges that are getting better as I learn how to heal.  The blessings and guidance I received from both of you and Master Sha is helping me to heal more every day.  Learning to love the part of me that is hurting is what is helping me heal. Connecting with the pain in my body, instead of avoiding it, is the right choice.  I was angry at the parts of my body that needed healing.  I have learned to love my legs, my lower back, and my kidneys and that is helping my body heal. And joining with you to do the practices every day is really helping a lot. If I am struggling with something and need help, you are always  there for me.  I am so grateful to be in the wellness program.  Thank you so much.

Love Peace and Harmony,

Carolyn Cannon   

I still have a lot of work to do,  but this program I truly believe has saved my life. It seemed every time life was feeling too rough, there was always a class right around the corner, that never failed to lift me up!  This class has given me great hope of a better life, and I’m so so thankful. And Master Paul and Master Rulin, I can’t imagine better teachers – my greatest gratitude to you!


Amy  M.   Oregon 

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Testimonials

Thank you for all These Blessings. I feel really good now

Silke Z.   Germany

Nice meditation TY, TY, TY!!!

Tim A.    Portland

feeling grounded and peaceful and nourished , thank you so much

Rosetta C. Australia

Feeling so Divine

Ginger W.    Oregon

it was n extraordinary experience.

Archana D.  India

Thankyou so much for this session feel many blockages have transformed and still integrating

Giota G  Australia

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Testimonials

Thank you Paul and Dr Rulin for everything you have given us through April and today. I had tasks to do and being in the field helped me to clear and focused, thank you again and much love

Nivedita S.  Australia

I chose Memory, because I really need improvement there. It fells good right now. Thank You

Silke Z. Germany

“My body completely healed I am feeling joy ty so much that was extraordinary”

İlkyaz D.  Turkey

I asked for my mouth, teeth and gum. I got a bit of relief.

Patricia J.  Trinidad


I had a strange experience on the emotional level…have had relationship issues with someone while in the meditative state felt the person had come to heal the relationship…and feeling rejuvenated and wanted it to last longer

Archana, D.  India

I can’t believe it’s been an hour already- wow! time flies when you are in such a wonderful state of peace and cleansing

Diliana C.   Toronto

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Testimonials

My body was exhausted for working in the yard all day.  my soul feels so rejuvenated peaceful and loved.

Ginger W.   Oregon



What a great session! I’m charged up to work harder and get this healing done. I’m amazed you can see exactly where my issues lie. Now I know better what to concentrate on.
So much gratitude.
I’m in for every program from now on.

Sharon G.   Oregeon


I have had a tough entire day, this practice just hugely uplifted my energy and mood. I feel light, thank you thank you thank you

Amy M.  USA

I feel so nourished…my heart feels free and shiny. my worries seem to have need away and I even feel taller 

Katherine O.    Colorado

Greatest gratitude and greatest love ❤️ It is hard to describe in words the feeling of the light massage. I am so grateful for this beautiful service. Thank You to all of the master teachers and divine souls who have served us

Diliana C. Turkey


Mahalo I am feeling rejuvenated. I had planted sweet potatoes earlier today and had to stop because of cramping in both legs. It was a 8 out of 10 pain. After this TaiJi session legs are @ 2 now. Thank you

Ginger  W.  Oregon



Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Testimonials

This was the most amazing meditation ever. As I connected with all the body sensations one by one, the light kept coming and moving the energy, head to toe. I felt the tightness everywhere in my body., and it began to dissipate. There were horizontal blockages like dams that were suppressing my energy from flowing up through my soul houses. As I recognized them, connected with them, they opened up and the energy flowed up . I had a sore throat for a couple weeks, which was blocking the connection between my heart and mind/consciousness. Thenas my heart and mind connected I felt connected inside myself. I had been suppressing my emotions for years, and ended up almost paralyzed, no energy, in a wheelchair 2 years ago, which happened suddenly. Now I understand how I created this condition and that it can be reversed. I feel so open right now. happy, happy, happy , happy, Thank you so much Master Rulin. I am so grateful for this healing today and wisdom you have imparted to us, Love you, love you, love you.

Karen B.  Oregon

I have seen this program offer before but I was hesitant because I was afraid I was not be able to attend all the practices.  When I registered for this class one thing that I wanted to transform was to do my spiritual practices.  To advance.  My desire was bigger than my fear of not assisting to the practices.   I have been able to participate in most of the practices and more this is the first time in the last seven years that I have been able to persevere in assisting to an ongoing class and my practices.  


Maria Luisa  Virginia

I had a strange experience on the emotional level…have had relationship issues with someone while in the meditative state felt the person had come to heal the relationship…and feeling rejuvenated and wanted it to last longer …thank you Master Sha

Archana D.   India

A couple months ago, I began having strong, piercing pains in my chest, especially when walking uphill.  I’d never had anything like this before, and after trying to ignore it which didn’t help, I decided to get some tests.  Sure enough, the EKG and stress tests showed a heart blockage.  I couldn’t even do two minutes on the treadmill before they made me stop

Doctors. recommended surgery to find the blockage and put in a stent.  That didn’t appeal to me, so I called Dr. Rulin for a session. It was wonderful.  Her Insights were beautiful and perfect for what I needed. Best of all, the blessing she gave healed me.  After a short time, the sharp pains stopped and I’m able to walk and do daily activities with no difficulty.  No surgery, no statins, no stent.  Truly a miracle.  I am so very grateful to the Divine, Dr. Rulin and Master Sha.